Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Seed Saving 101 Postponed

Due to the forecast of foul weather we have postponed the Seed Saving 101 program scheduled for tomorrow night to Thursday, March 20 at 7pm.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Seed Saving 101

Seed Saving 101: Thursday, February 20, 7:00 p.m.
Meet Matt Weaver, plant expert from the Bruce Company in Madison, as he tells us everything we need to know about seed sharing and saving. This is the second program in our new Seed Library project, in which our old card catalog will get a new lease on life! Then you'll be ready to borrow heirloom vegetable seeds to get your garden started this spring. Presented in partnership with the Sauk County Master Gardener Association. FREE.

Book Sale Sorting

Friends Book Sale Sorting: Friday, February 21, 5:00 p.m.

We'll be sorting books for the annual spring book sale this Friday. We'd be very grateful for any and all help. No need to schedule ahead -- just drop in, and leave whenever you need to.  Please be here by 5:00 (library closing time). If you plan to arrive after 5:00, the doors will be locked, so you will need to call 393-4874 and someone will let you in.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Friends Proposed Bylaw Amendment 1/9/2014




JANUARY 9, 2014

The following paragraphs shall be deleted in their entirety:

Membership and Dues

            Membership is open to anyone who has a card in good standing from any South Central System (SCLS) Library.

          Annual dues shall be $5 per person, or $10 per family, or $100 for an individual lifetime membership.  Dues shall be waived for the appointed Library Board member and Library staff member.

          The membership year will be September 1 through August 31.  Persons joining during the months of June, July, and August will receive membership for those months and the following full year.

The following paragraphs shall be added in their entirety:


            Membership is open to anyone.  Suggested annual dues will be set by the Friends Board as they see fit.  The suggested dues shall be waived for the appointed Library Board member and Library staff member.

          The membership year will be January 1 through December 31.




Friends Draft Minutes 10/10/2013




Thursday, October 10, 2013


Meeting Called to order 5:35 pm


Attendance:  Lori Cook, Carol Fleishauer, Fred Rochacewicz, Leilani Wall, Peter Murray, Christine Dwyer, Nicol Knappen, Robin Whyte, Beth Persche, Lucille Kuntz, Mindy Bueno, Katherine Gill, Meg Allen


Review of agenda and additions or corrections:

Additions or corrections: None


                                                          Approved by: Nicol Knappen

                                                          Second: Beth Persche


Review and approval of meeting minutes of September 12, 2013

Corrections: None


                                                          Approved by: Nicol Knappen

                                                          Second: Robin Whyte


Review and approval of meeting minutes of September 25, 2013


                                                          Approved by: Nicol Knappen

                                                          Second: Beth Persche

After discussion:

Corrections and additions: (corrections and additions indicated by underlined words)

          Item 4. New Business; A. Open Meetings Compliance.  Amended to read

          “Agendas will be posted per the law of the State of Wisconsin.


          Item 4. New Business; B. Mechanics of posting agendas and distributing

          Minutes.  Amended to read: “Friends Website page, Library bulletin board &

          on  city of Baraboo website 3 days prior to meeting. “……..”A  Friends mailing

          list is being compiled by Robin. Robin will also send out a reminder of the

          meeting, agenda and a link to the last minutes via e-mail and USPS to those

          Friends who do not have e-mail”  


Treasurer’s Report

Carol reported she had just received all information today and had and ending balance of $6,003.10 however, there appeared to be a pending re-deposit of approximately $700.00 from the Big Top Parade event.


          Ending Balance: Approximately: $6,703.10


                                                          Approved by: Meg Allen

                                                          Second: Nicol Knappen



Nothing at this time.



Reports from Committees:

            Book Sale Committee:

                   No report


          Music Committee:

                   January__________            April:__________

                   February_________            May: __________

                   March ___________            June:__________

                   Beth reported she has several leads for individuals and groups with a

                   variety of musical talents and themes - including Celtic music; jazz;

                   Blues; show tunes and perhaps Beatles love songs.  She will secure

                   someone for Jan. and forward publicity copy to Nicol no later than

                   December 15, 2013 and copy Robin.


          Director’s Report:

                        Meg reported the City of Baraboo is in the middle of putting together

                   their budget for the upcoming year and is looking for a 0 percent

                   increase in the library budget.


                   Attendance at library events has been great. In particular the recent

                   reading & book signing by Jennifer Chiaverini of The Spymistress as

                   well as the current on-going series Muslim Journeys.


            Library Board Report:

                   No report


          Report on Software Program for Friends List/and Info:

                   Robin reported on the GiftWorks Program with Constant Contact

                   feature.  It allows her to enter Friends’ names and contact info

                   as well as their interests as to possible volunteer work.  It also

                   allows her to enter gift giving history of individuals and groups.

                   Currently we have approx. 140 “Friends” which includes individuals

                   as well as households.  The Constant Contact feature allows her to

                   inform Friends members of upcoming meetings and special programs

                   and features.  It also allows her to track how many e-mails sent to

                   Friends members are actually opened.  Currently 40 percent of sent

                   e-mails are being opened. 


                   After some discussion regarding the Constant Contact feature Nicol

                   asked Robin if they could “test” the feature.  Robin agreed.  Nicol to

                   follow up with Robin on the test.  


Old/unfinished business:



New Business:

          There was much discussion as to whether the Friends group fell within the parameters of the Wisconsin Open Meeting Law.  Lori reported, with several other board members in agreement, that it does, since the Baraboo Public Library is a public entity and the Friends group’s purpose is to assist and promote the library -including fundraising activities for library needs.  This means all future Friends meeting agendas will be prepared by the President, sent to Meg and copied to all other board members.  Meg will forward the agenda on to the City of Baraboo for posting on their website.  Robin will post the agenda on the library bulletin board and the Friends’ website and copies will go out to members with meeting notices through the GiftWorks/Constant Contact program and USPS for those without e-mail.


There was also discussion regarding whether a quorum was present at this meeting.  Lori explained there was a quorum present per the bylaws which require “4 members of the Friends Board plus whoever else may be present.”  However, we are not voting on an Amendment at this time only language for a “Proposed Amendment” to be voted on at the next Friends meeting.


          A.   Discussion of Update/Revision of portion of bylaws paragraph entitled

          “Membership and Dues.”  After much discussion, it was decided to delete the  

          first paragraph under Membership and Dues; change the wording of “annual

          dues shall be $5 per person, or $10 per family or $100 for an individual

          lifetime membership” to “A suggested annual donation will be set by the

          Friends Board as they see fit to do so from time to time.”; And change the

          Membership year from September 1 through August 31 to January 1 through

          December 31 so that the membership year will match the fiscal year of the

          City and the library. 

          A formal Proposed Amendment will be prepared; sent to all members; posted

          to the City website, the Friends’ website and the library bulletin board at least

          two weeks prior to the next meeting at which time it will be voted upon.

          B.  Development of a 2nd fundraising project.  Lori reported that the library

          has asked that the Friends put together a 2nd fundraising project to

          complement the Book/Bake Sale project.  She listed some possible types of

          projects currently being used by other Friends groups.  Lori asked for

          volunteers to form a committee for the purpose of investigating and

          developing such a fundraiser. Beth Persche and Christine Dwyer volunteered

          to be on the committee with Lori Cook - implementing the new GiftWorks

          software program to identify and contact other members who might be

          interested in working on such a project.

          C.  New Directions for 2013-2014.  Lori reported that the Friends group

          will be actively working to expand the group in the coming year, again,

          utilizing the new software program Robin has been working on.  This will

          also help with increasing revenue for the library in the coming year.

          D.  Setting a new meeting schedule.  After discussion it was decided to

          hold the Friends meetings on a quarterly basis - starting with the next

          meeting - to be set for January 2014.  Beginning January 2014 the members’

          meetings will be held in January, April, July and October of each year.

          The next meeting of the Friends of the Baraboo Public Library was set for

          Thursday, January 9, 2014 at 5:30 p.m.


          Time: 6:45 pm

          Approved by Carol Fleishauer

          Second: Beth Persche

Refreshments and Pumpkin Cheesecake Challenge followed the meeting.